Amanda Silberling

Amanda is a senior culture reporter at TechCrunch writing about social media, creators, and just generally how the internet impacts people! She has also been paid real dollars to write about stuff like Shrek memes and the cultural impact of Nyan Cat. She met Isabel in a college class called “poetry in a digital culture” which says all you need to know about their friendship.

twitter: @asilbwrites
instagram: @amandasilberling

Isabel J. Kim

Isabel J. Kim is mostly a scifi/fantasy writer who also happens to be a real life lawyer in the meatspace. She is the winner of the 2021 Shirley Jackson Award in short fiction but has also written fanfiction about Goncharov (1973). Isabel’s fiction has been published in Clarkesworld, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Cast of Wonders. Her art has been covered in Hyperallergic. When she’s not talking about cringe content on Wow If True, she’s losing followers by talking about homestuck on main. She has a JD and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, where she stole free law school seltzer to give to Amanda that one time. 

twitter: @isabeljkim
ao3: [REDACTED, must join Patreon to find out]

Allison Mills (editor)

Allison Mills is an archivist by day, and writer of fan fiction and non-fan fiction by night.

David Newtown (editor)

David Newtown plays the cello and Pokémon and used to be a moderator for John and Hank Green’s Minecraft server. He also does audio journalism things when he’s not On The Internet.